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This policy applies to domestic (USA) orders. This policy is designed to ensure that you are clearly aware of our shipping policies and procedures. By ordering from this store, you accept the policies contained herein.

All shipments are shipped from our warehouse in Michigan.

Fulfillment time : 3-7 business days due to the combination of extremely high amount of orders and the Holiday season. This means your order will not hit the mail stream until 3-7 business days.

(Our usual fulfillment time is 1-3 Business days.)

FREE SHIPPING - Purchase $65 or more. Gift certificates don't count towards free shipping because they are now a physical product.

A. shipping costs:

We charge the following for shipping on all USA orders. (Sept 2023 -Prices are going up.)

B. Transit, Handling & Order Cut off Time Domestically:

In general, domestic shipments are in transit for 3 – 4 days (Monday to Friday). The order cut-off time will be 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles). Domestic order handling time is 1-2  business day (Monday to Friday).

C. Delivery Terms:

We use the USPS and UPS to deliver the product.

E.  Change of Delivery Address:

We cannot change the delivery address once it is in transit. If you need to change the place to deliver your order, please contact us within 1 day of placing your order at or call as +1 (208) 599-6679


F. Cancellations:

There are no cancellations allowed. See refund & exchange policy for further information.

G. Parcels Damaged In Transit:

If you find a parcel is damaged in transit, if possible, please reject the parcel from the courier and get in touch with our customer service. If the parcel has been delivered without you being present, please contact customer service with the next steps.



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We roast high-quality coffee beans from around the world. Our blends are secret recipes, so we can't spill the beans on what the origins are.

We small batch roast, meaning we do batch by batch, old school style Jabez Burns roasters were around since the civil war, the original civil war roasting style. Perforated drum, no tipping going on(burning the tips of beans). It's the historic American way of roasting. Hot air goes through the beans and escapes through the perforated holes in the side of the drum.

We roast to caramelize our beans, that's why is tastes so good black. Most roasters carbonize(burn) their beans, that's why you need milk and sugar with otherroasters.

All of our beans are roasted in the USA by our roaster that has 30+ years of roasting experience.

Our coffee is roasted in small batches every few weeks. it is usually not more that a few weeks out of the roaster. We nitrogen flush our beans and grinds, then seal our bags air tight and so the coffee stays very fresh for the long haul. It sells so fast it's never more that a coupe weeks old. We can't roast it fast enough.

To keep your products fresh and potent, store them in a dark, dry place and in an airtight container.

Our coffee is ground to Medium grind or auto drip grind. It's done right after we roast our beans. Then it is bagged, nitrogen flushed and sealed so it stays fresh until you open the bag.

Every coffee machine is different, and then there are French press coffee makers,pour overs, etc.

We recommend using 1.5 teaspoons for each 8-ounce cup of water when you make your coffee. That is a good place to start, you can add or subtract the coffee from there to suit your taste.

For example, we use a 51-ounce French Press, for that 51 ounce French Press we use 1/3 of a cup of coffee grounds. That is the way we like it, but everyone is different.

Good luck! Keep adjusting it until you get the perfect taste, then remember the recipe.

Our K-cups are Kosher Certified, we are in the process of getting all of our coffee products certified.

French Press, French Press, French Press...... Filtered water is a must! Bad Water = Bad coffee.

Testimonials from our people

  • 5

    It’s 430AM, the dogs and cats are on the bed a half hour early demanding breakfast. I worked day, night, and tirelessly exercised the day before, how will in peel myself out of bed to confront this day? WARPATH COFFEE. I feel sorry for any problems that get in my way today!

    Rob Proft

  • 5

    I had whole bean Mariner’s Blend. It was the best coffee I have ever had. I normally use a well known premium brand but Warpath surpasses it. I would much rather support Warpath!!

    Nina Cook

  • 5

    My new favorite!

    I ordered the breakfast blend and love it! It's smooth, rich, and flavorful without being over powering. It's the perfect addition to the morning wakeup!

    Anna Marie Jehorek

  • 5

    Sorry for the late review, i just moved from New York to Colorado, today is the first chance i had to perk Warpath Coffee the Mariner’s Blend Dark Roast and i love it. I drink it black and it’s smooth, robust and keeps me focused. Thank you for this fantastic blend of coffee.

    Hans Breitkopf

  • 5

    The coffee is absolutely the best I've ever had, flavor is on point and it gets you jacked up for the day. Will definitely be buying more. Bye Bye Dunkin.

    It was great, 10 out of 10 recommend

    John Grady

  • 5

    After 45 yrs of burned black, I'll won't go back.Never realized how bad "burned bean" coffee tasted until my wife switched back to the old brand yesterday. Warpath B/Blend to start my day today and every day from now on.

    David Bernstrom